STOP the Robocalls and scammers on my Phone


Everyone of us has been on an important call with a friend or relative and through call waiting our phone tells us we have another call with continuous beeping.  Or we have answered our phone only to be greeted with ” Hello this is Rachael” or “Vote for Bozo – he’s the Best”.  This problem is getting worse across the entire United States.  Before it was limited to landlines but now it has jumped the fence and now cell phones are being invaded.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the residents of Dallas, Texas received 48 million robocalls in December 2015 (Statistics from the YouMail Robocall Index).  Three months later the residents of Dallas received 91 million robocalls for the month of March 2016.  It really doesn’t matter where you live.  If you are reading this then you too have experienced these calls.

What can you do?  Well unfortunately the “Do Not Call Registry” is not working.  The CEO of AT&T reports that you should contact the Public Utilities  Commission if your State has it’s own “Do Not Call Registry”.  Otherwise contact the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission if you are on the Do Not Call Registry.  If you are not registered then do a search on the internet and sign  up. If we build up the number of complaints it will force Congress to act on our behalf.

It is most important that you contact your representative in Congress to support a new bill called   — ROBOCOP —  which stands for “The Repeated Objectionable Bothering of Consumers on Phones act“.  This bill was introduced by Rep. Jackie Speier, D.-Cali.. The bill requires companies like AT&T to offer consumers free optional robocall-blocking technology.

Representative Speier claims that the technology to block robocalls exists. But it is not widely available or easy to use.  This bill would also block politicians’ calls, and require phone companies to stop caller ID spoofing.  Rep. Speier stated that people deserve peace in their own homes. This is made impossible when their phones are ringing all day long.

Tell your U.S. senators and members of Congress that you demand passage of Speier’s ROBOCOP bill.  AT&T’s CEO claimed that the telecommunication companies must get permission from the  Federal Communications Commission. The ROBOCOP bill will accomplish this.

Avoid calls from unknown numbers. If you do pick up, hang up. Don’t talk. Don’t press buttons.  Do not select the option to be removed from being called.

Visit and set this free service up if you have certain landline carriers:   Get information here

Dark Circles or Bags under your Eyes?

darkcircAs we age many of us have noticed this and it’s a big concern.  We are solicited with all these miracle creams that claim they will help us.  Since I too had this problem I decided to try and figure it out without spending a small fortune.

We have all seen expensive creams being sold for sale prices on QVC or HSN. Everyone  wonders if they should try some. Many a night I almost bought this or that alleged remedy and some may actually help.  I just wanted to learn more.

The first thing we need to do is consider what may be causing the problem.

  1. Limit the salt.  Yes try to use as little as possible when you are preparing or eating food.
  2. Manage your allergies.  Yes if you must, many over-the-counter products can actually dry up puffy eyes along with your runny nose or allergy symptoms.
  3. Some suggest using a Neti Pot.  This is a small teapot like gizmo where it allows you to cleanse the nasal passages by pouring salted water into one nostril and it goes out the other. (P.S.  I have not tried this – so no recommendation on this one.)
  4. Try sleeping on your back using more pillows to get comfortable.  Side and stomach sleepers tend to have more fluid collect under the eyes.
  5. Women should always remove make-up before going to sleep.
  6. Limit consumption of excess alcoholic beverages they tend to dehydrate you and cause greater pouching under the eye.
  7. Protect your eyes from the sun and UV. This can increase both sagging and wrinkling around your eyes.
  8. Smoking is a  “No” “No”.  This can lead to increased sagging, wrinkled, or droopy eyes.
  9. If you have swollen  eyes cool them down with cold compresses, cucumber, or even  chilled spoons.
  10. Try an eye cream and no it doesn’t  have to break the bank.  Physicians discourage the use of hemorrhoid cream as it may actually increase irritation around the eye.

This is where it gets interesting.  I have tried expensive creams $50 to $100 dollars plus and believe it or not was not impressed with the amount of bang for the buck.

Low and behold I have read so many reviews that I am blue in the face and am happy that people left honest reviews alerting me to (putting in bluntly) rip-offs. I didn’t want to sign up for anything (auto-shipping) or supply my credit card to unknown sellers.  I wanted to be able to get a refund if it didn’t work.  Well I have to say that we have a BINGO.  Believe it or not I have been using the following two products.  The one (Vitamin C 20%, E, & Hyaluronic Acid) I apply to my entire face.  I then apply Eye Gel (Plant stem cells, Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide complex, Vitamin E) under my eyes.  Seriously I have noticed extreme improvement.  Now it is important to understand that I am not employed or affiliated with the Company that makes these products.  In addition I am not being compensated by the Company to write any of this.  Here are the 2 products I purchased at

My advise is to try these products and if they don’t help you has a great return policy.  Truthfully you will be pleasantly surprised. I was.

New Non-stick Pans — Safety Concerns

nonstickAll of us by now have heard about the old Teflon pans may actually cause cancer.  This was such a great concern that the maker of Teflon (Dupont) was sued.  Teflon as we knew it use to contain a toxic compound PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as C8 and perfluorooctanoate)  These compounds have been retired and removed from Teflon.  Disturbing is the fact that Teflon is still on the market with a secret new active ingredient. 

Since it was so secret, scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency sampled the river water downstream from a North Carolina chemical plant that presently manufactures the new Teflon as they did with the old lethal ingredient C8 or PFOA.

Yes even today in 2016 rivers are being used to dump industrial waste.  Scientists then performed some tests on the new Teflon and have found that it too has induced cancer in lab animals.

The environmental and chemical safety laws that protect us were actually written by the chemical giant that created Teflon.  These new and improved ingredients are allowed to be rushed to market and only after millions of dollars in profit scientists prove them to be harmful.    It is reported that the initial toxic ingredient in Teflon PFOA found it’s way into 99.7% of Americans.  This news is very disturbing in that the laws do not protect us over corporate  profits.

The only thing consumers can do is stop using and purchasing pans with miracle  non-stick coatings.

Consumers  best option is to replace it with whatever safer alternatives we can afford. Stainless steal, cast iron, and glass.

Adapted from Jill Richardson the author of Recipe for America: Why Our Food System Is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It

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