Super Fit and Healthy with Yoga


Many people today don’t ever try to improve their health and wellbeing because they are intimidated by yoga and health in general. As an international yoga and wellness instructor there are three major misconceptions that prevent people from ever starting this incredible and easy endeavor. Let me point these three out.

1. People say: “If I can’t put my foot behind my head it’s not for me”. I am here to say first and    for most that yoga is not about this and never has been. Yoga is about relaxing the mind, body and breath in a very simple and easy way. If it is stressful and too difficult then you are not doing it properly. The daily and lifelong goal is balance, harmony, health, and joyful practice.

2. Guy’s usually say:  ” I don’t do yoga my wife or girlfriend does yoga”. The general male sector of the population is under this misconception because again they think you have to be flexible or have a certain body shape or image to be successful. This is totally incorrect.  By taking the time and courage to try something new, success and progress is guaranteed every day that you participate. Men need health and fitness benefits just as much as women.  If you start your journey into yoga without preconceived  judgment, your health and wellbeing will speak to you in every way possible and you will learn to love yourself and the new better, stronger and more flexible YOU.

3. People say: “I’m too old to start, or my body is to broken down and sore to begin this kind of thing” Again this is completely untrue. I have a saying when I speak about yoga and health. “It doesn’t matter how old you are whether you are eight or eighty years old. The day you start everything gets better.” I have seen this with my very own eyes. I get 50, 60, 70 and 80 year old individuals into my classes, workshops or retreats and within a very short time you can’t even recognize the person who started a few months before. I myself didn’t start yoga until I was almost fifty years old and my body and mind where completely broken and worn out. I had given up on life and all possibility of ever getting better. Then, I was so fortunate and lucky to find an answer. It doesn’t matter when you find the answer. Only that you listen and act. Just give it a go and let’s start life again anew. You’re not getting older you’re getting better and next time when someone asks you how old you are. Say to them, if you asked me how young I am, I might answer you. Then they will ask, OK, how young are YOU?  Then you can answer: “Why I’m ageless my dear.” Being ageless is about health, wellness, positivity and the ability to move on and grow in beauty over time with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Sincerely Yours:

Sheldon Grant Leon (Joyous Journey- Designing Excellence in Holistic Wellness )