Charity & Fundraising Fraud Alert

FundraisingAll of us have seen commercials that  tell a sad story and then request us to help.  Nightly we see animals suffering or small children with no food.  Many if not all of us have received a telephone call on behalf of this charity or that.  This telephone fraud is successful maybe 6 percent of the time which is relatively low.

Why is this so important?  Charities on average receive approximately 40 percent of there donations in the last few weeks of the year.  Online charity scams have surpassed telephone scams.  In 2011 a report on charitable giving found that 90 percent of donors said a nonprofit’s performance was important to them, but only 30 percent actually researched charities.  With the information age here, your computer or tablet or smart phone can help you get the full story, there really is no excuse to let this form of fraud happen. 

Two organizations: the Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator provide online information about charities, including whether they meet certain standards and how efficiently they spend their money.

Protect yourself from scams.  If a charity only gives 5% to victims obviously this may not be a charity that you want to support.  Be informed and it is probably wise give to charities with a proven track record.  It’s best to verify and it’s simple.  Enjoy the Holidays and the Season of Giving.