I Heard it on TV, it must be true, A Doctor said so.

heard it on TV

Have you ever wondered why you do not get the same miracle results that you see in an advertisement or on a popular doctor television program?  But the doctor said that if I take this I would lose weight.  It’s time to smarten up and get to the truth and anyone can do it.  First realize that a lot of programming is subsidized or receives payment in some form for the content delivered.

Some products you hear about really do help and work but you must figure out the truth.  I do not care what program or what doctor said that something will work and neither should you.  It’s all about checking out the story.  Do you believe all of those political ads during an election? Well it’s the same with all these sensational stories that are delivered to you daily to increase viewers and sell you something.

One of the best ways to check out an ingredient is to go to the www.nih.gov website.  Enter the name of the ingredient and then enter what it is for.  Example:  “garcinia cambogia” and then the term “weight-loss” or “weight reduction” or other combination.  You then choose “enter”.  Below you should see multiple clinical studies that are published hopefully in respected medical journals that even your family physician has heard of.  If nothing come up the bells should be going off that something is not right about the alleged claim being made.  Click on a few of these studies if they come up.  See  how many people were in the study.  Do you see a “p=0.1” also called a “p value”  this indicates statistical significance.  Without a “p value” it basically means that it has no value.

Another way to check out a company and or product is to use the internet.  One of the best sites that makes this easy for consumers is the site:  www.bestprostatereview.com .  I know it says prostate but ignore that.  The site offers consumers 5 or 6 tools on the right hand side that allow you to get to the bottom about any product or manufacturer.  These tools are:

  • FDA – enter manufacturer’s name
  • Consumer Complaints Board – enter product or manufacturer name
  • Better Business Bureau – enter Company look at number of complaints not rating
  • Who Is Database – enter website URL and see if it is hiding behind a proxy
  • Natural Products Foundation – see what they have to say

Get off the roller coaster and find out the truth.  Not everything is a lie but get to the bottom of the story before it gets to the bottom of your pocket book or wallet.  There is an old saying and they often bare repeating.  “You can catch a thief but you can’t catch a liar”. Simply said you were better off with a thief as you have a better chance of catching them.

Stop being taken advantage of.  Empower yourself.  Hopefully this article has provided you with some tools to get to the “rest of the story” as the famous Paul Harvey use to say.  Now most of you that read this site know who Paul Harvey was.  He was a famous radio announcer back in the day.