Sugar – Addictive and Dangerous is it?

refinded Sugar

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 10% of our calories should come from sugars at most and now they believe it should be as low as 5%. Is sugar the next addictive substance to be hit hard by health groups, but how addictive and dangerous is it? In recent findings by the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s been discovered
that sugar is even worse for our health than we once thought. Although it was already known that sugar is both incredibly addictive and damaging to our health, potentially harming our pancreas and adrenal glands, it’s now believed that we have to half our intake to only 6 tablespoons a day – around 25 grams. The shocking findings come at the expense of numerous companies whose products contain considerably more sugar
than is recommended and a backlash is expected. Read this article for more about the recent findings on sugar.

This article was contributed by Laura Chapman.

Laura worked in the nutritional health sector for over ten years before taking up
writing so she could be closer to her new family. She tries to keep up to date
with new trends and findings, while enjoying her passion for writing.