Protect Yourself from Hackers Online

CreditCardLogosWe are all concerned about the security of our credit cards.  We guard them at all costs when we use them.  Today hackers are getting your credit cards not from your computer but from retailers.  This is a very big problem where online stores or shopping sites store your credit card to expedite your shopping experience.  If your like me, I always check the box do not save my credit card.

Despite this the website did in fact store my credit card.  The hacker didn’t have my credit card number but once he or she hacked into the website they were able to log on as me and make purchases using my credit card on file.  If you are offered the option to store the credit card for convenience it is advisable to “NOT” select this option.  Hackers do not waste time trying to hack websites that do not store customer credit card information.  Know where you are shopping if need be call and ask them if they do store credit card information.

Unfortunately we live in a world where someone is always trying to abuse the system and take advantage of someone else.  Typically websites that auto-ship and auto-bill your credit card obviously store your credit card data.  It is better to shop quantity discounts than sign up for any automatic shipping schedule.   Once you have made a purchase on a website it is advisable to check for storage of your credit card or financial information. If you see it – delete it.  Mind you when you return to shop you will need to input your credit card with every purchase.

Is shopping online safe?  Well in most instances it is actually safer than handing your credit card to a sales clerk at any store or restaurant.  The fewer human beings that come into contact with your credit card the better off you will be.  It is also advisable to always use your credit card as a credit card and not a debit card where you enter your PIN in public.  If you are in your bank then fine – otherwise use it as a credit card where no PIN is required.