Charities Preying on the Aging Population

12399311_10153924111787265_559287903_nThe best way to get a picture of what is going on is to set aside all solicitation mail for an entire month.  Take a good look at the end of the month and if it becomes obvious that you have a pile of mail then you have become a target.

It is easy to read a sad story and get emotionally attached and want to help. However, beware that these organizations know that and that is exactly what they are counting on.  If you have extra income for a charity then research the charity and carefully think and talk with your tax advisor or grown children.  A donation of any amount should go to a viable organization that honestly helps those who they claim to help.  More and more we read about cancer organizations who have collected money and not one cent ever helps a cancer victim or research all it does is buy a new car for those running the alleged charity.

Many older Americans and Canadians look forward to the daily mail delivery.  They set aside time to look through it and it gives them something to do.  However much of this mail is actually dangerous and can actually undermine the finances of the recipient.  If you have a parent or help an elderly neighbor try to educate and assist them with this.  It’s one thing to get the weekly grocery specials but it is another thing when people are being taken advantage of by organizations preying on the aged.