Labor Day – Sales, Shopping, and Saving

Depositphotos_12160484_xsNumerous countries celebrate Labor Day or Labour Day as it is spelled in Canada.  On this day we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.  Labor Day as many know it is also a time to make purchases and take advantage of many sales.  We encourage all Americans to celebrate American Labor by purchasing products that are made in the USA.  Eh, but do not forget our friends to the north in Canada.  Many fine products are available and made in Canada.  As we celebrate we should try to make a conscious effort to truly support our jobs here in North America.  Your choice in a purchase sends manufacturers  a message.  This includes companies here in the United States that have shipped your employment opportunities to other countries.  Surely the quality of a product manufactured here is worth the extra fifty cents or for that matter fifty dollars.  What you save by purchasing foreign products is nothing.  Because every job that leaves the US costs all of us in taxes, our economy, and our quality of life. We encourage all to look at the label and truly compare the difference in price and quality before you make your next purchase.   Have a safe and happy Labor Day Holiday.