Why is RoundUp ® (Glyphosate) In My Body? GMOs

Roundup® in US Mother Breast Milk GMOINSIDE!
Roundup® in US Mother Breast Milk

Three years ago a 2014 pilot study found disturbingly high levels of the herbicide RoundUp ® (Glyphosate) in the breast milk of American mothers. Three out of ten women tested back then tested positive for glyphosate contamination. The results made it clear that glyphosate levels actually built up in women’s bodies over a period of time.  The levels of the herbicide glyphosate was around 1,000 times higher than that allowed in European drinking water to be considered safe.


The Organic Consumers Association reported that Glyphosate was found in urine of 93 percent of Americans tested.  This 2015 public testing project carried out by a laboratory at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).  The average level of Glyphosate detected was 3.096 parts per billion (PPB). Children had the highest levels with an average of 3.586 PPB. The regions with the highest levels of Glyphosate in urine were from the West and the Midwest with an average of 3.053 PPB and 3.050 PPB respectively.  Also it is important to note that Glyphosate residues were not observed in any tap water samples tested. Equally disturbing is that Glyphosate levels were just as high in city dwellers as they were in agricultural communities where the Glyphosate was being sprayed on crops.

Roundup® trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.Men who have used RoundUp ® (Glyphosate) in the backyard know that it kills everything that it is sprayed on.  It definitely is not something you want to spray on anything you plan on eating.   Right on the container there are warnings to call a poison control center immediately and seek medical attention if swallowed.

For thirty-five years Monsanto the maker of RoundUp ® (Glyphosate) has claimed that: “If ingested, glyphosate is excreted rapidly, does not accumulate in body fat or tissues, and does not undergo metabolism in humans. Rather, it is excreted unchanged in the urine.”  But the extremely high levels found in breast milk throw this “alternative fact” out the front door.

 Roundup Ready Soybeans trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.Monsanto holds the patents to many genetic modified crops being planted across the United States and Canada. A good example is the soybean.  This GMO soybean has 93 percent of the market in North America.  So if the entire circle represents all SOY grown in the USA and Canada.  Then if what you eat contains Soy or is made from Soy then odds are that you have been consuming Roundup.

roundupSoybeans are not the only GMO (genetically modified) crop in North America.  Potatoes, tomatoes, corn and rice are also big time GMO.  So is rapeseed (canola oil).

What we need to remember soy was not a part of the human diet until 1979 when the first soy milk was introduced into the grocery store. Prior to this it was a product that was not considered fit for human consumption.  Henry Ford used it as a lubricant in his automobile industry.

Soybeans have another unique quality in that they are a very high source of plant based estrogen.  Yes estrogen the female hormone. This is also a concern for men as it does not help to maintain a stable testosterone level. Published studies have shown that the consumption does have an undesirable effect on testosterone levels. Testosterone, an essential male hormone, helps men to retain and build a more muscular  physique.  In addition it helps a man’s libido or sex drive.

Many studies confirm that cancer has skyrocketed in the past fifteen years. “Research has been done in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand investigating possible links between glyphosate, Roundup’s active ingredient, and cancer. A large number of studies have focused on glyphosate’s possible association with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” The research shows that Roundup is linked to a host of cancers including both B cell lymphoma, and to brain cancer.  The gold standard for scientific proof is a randomized controlled trial, which would be unethical as it would definitively measure exposure and related cancers.

The government isn’t protecting us.  Despite studies linking exposure to the chemical with diseases including cancer. In 2013 the EPA actually approved the amount of allowable glyphosate in oilseed crops such as flax, soybeans and canola to be increased from 20 parts per million (ppm) to 40 ppm, which is  over 100,000 times the amount needed to induce breast cancer cells. Additionally, the EPA has increased the limits on allowable glyphosate in food crops from 200 ppm to 6,000 ppm.

In looking into the background of Monsanto ones learns some disturbing ties to the health care industry.  At one point the Pharmacia Corporation owned Monsanto in 1999.  Pharmacia is the same corporation that took over the famous Upjohn Pharmaceutical company.  If fact Monsanto had it’s own medical research division that came up with that great drug Celebrex which the FDA warned of increased risks of cardiovascular-related side effects, such as heart attack and stroke.  Pharmacia quickly sold off Monsanto and the new Monsanto became a company in 2000.  Monsanto then accepted an offer of $66 Billion Dollars from the medical giant Bayer in 2016.  This deal is still pending regulatory approval.  Both companies have been meeting with President Donald Trump and now spokesman for the President claims that Monsanto and Bayer promised to keep all of Monsanto’s 10, 000 US workers if approved.  Spokesman for Bayer has not confirmed and did admit the reduction of administrative positions here in the US.

One company makes you sick and the other manufactures and profits from products for your failing health.  Ironically a creepy partnership that should concern everyone.

This picture shows the Democratic Conflicts of Interests and Monsanto.



This Monsanto deal is definitely not a GOP Republican thing.  The following image shows the Democratic ties to Monsanto.  And let’s not forget Mrs. Clinton was a Monsanto Attorney.





Also we can see a very bipartisan mixture of Senators who voted against the American consumer and for Monsanto.


My first exposure to this was Memorial Day weekend 2014.  I was sitting there and reading about American women finding RoundUp ® (Glyphosate) in there breast milk.  As I read further the article discussed men and urine samples that also had disturbing detectable levels of  RoundUp ® (Glyphosate).  I started to wonder if I too might be eliminating RoundUp ® (Glyphosate).  Despite choosing organic and non-gmo produce I wondered if I was actually being sold actual organic and non-gmo products.  Well I ordered the test kit via the internet (cost $140) back then.  When it arrived I sent it off to a lab in St. Louis, MO.  Luckily my results came back negative.  Since then I have been following this topic as I seriously was disturbed that developing infants were being forced to consume contaminated breast milk.    How could any infant develop a healthy brain being exposed to RoundUp ® (Glyphosate)? The answer – they can’t.

In 2015 urine and water testing was organized by The Detox Project and commissioned by the Organic Consumers Association.  The results of that test reported above. The Organic Consumers Association stated that: “These test results highlight the massive failure of U.S. regulatory agencies, including the EPA, USDA and FDA, to protect us even as they continue to perpetuate the myth that low-level exposure to glyphosate is harmless. We must bring down this poison-for-profit model and build in its place a food and farming system that regenerates and heals, before it’s too late.”

What can you do?

Visit The Health Research Institute and order a kit:  https://health-research-institute.net/glyphosate/

Well at this time there is The Detox Project at the following link below:

How Much Glyphosate is in Your Urine?





Protect Yourself and Washing Your Hands

There are many ways that germs can be spread. One of the most common ways is through touch.  Yes your hands.  Today we have a lot more to worry about than just the handle at the gas station pump.  We have touch screens everywhere.  At the local grocery store or for that matter at every check out facility.

handwashA recent study was published.  The study was based on observations of 3,749 people in public restrooms, and appeared in the Journal of Environmental Health.  The study was conducted by professionally trained college students in data collection and had them observe hand washing in restrooms in bars, restaurants and other public establishments.

Alarmingly 15 percent of men didn’t wash their hands at all, compared with 7 percent of women.  When they did wash their hands, only 50 percent of men used soap, compared with 78 percent of women. People were less likely to wash their hands if the sink was dirty. Hand washing was more prevalent earlier in the day. The researcher said that this suggests that people who were out at night for a meal or drinks were in a more relaxed mode and hand washing became less important.  People were more likely to wash their hands if a sign encouraging them to do so was present.

You cannot make other people wash there hands but you can protect yourself and family.

NE_EM_PYS_PD4_PD4750_mWhen you are out in public and use ATM or any touch screen wash your hands after use.  I actually carry individually packaged hand wipes and yes I wipe the buttons and pen before I use them.  When I get into my vehicle I use a wipe to clean my hands and the steering wheel.  I clean my steering wheel regularly because there is a big chance that I have pumped gas, or opened a door, used a public touch pad, etc.  There is a very good chance that the person before me that used any of these did not wash their hands.  Also very few businesses and banks clean the touch pads or pens between every customer.   This is  a simple wake up call  — wash your hands and remember 22% of the general population is not washing their hands.  A few simple precautions and these can help:

Simply  click on the product above to see multiple products that can protect you.

Brita – PUR – ZeroWater What WATER are you Drinking?

Can the water you drink affect your health?  Yes it can.  Who drinks water?  Well we all do. Unfortunately most water contains dissolved solids.  These dissolved solids include heavy metals which are toxic to human biology, and radioactive isotopes that can cause radiation poisoning from the inside of your body once swallowed.   These are some of the common dissolved solids found in well and tap water.

Arsenic: A cancer-causing metal often found contaminating water wells.

Cadmium: A very toxic heavy metals that damages the heart and kidneys. Also causes hardening of the arteries.

Mercury: A very toxic element that’s also very easy to filter out. Most filters successfully remove nearly all mercury.

Lead: A very toxic heavy metal linked to mental retardation, cancer and bone disorders. Lead is very commonly found in foods and pet treats manufactured in China.

Aluminum: a light metal linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Widely found in many foods in “organic” forms and not considered harmful unless consumed in high concentrations of “inorganic” forms.

Copper: A necessary trace mineral nutrient in small doses, but quickly becomes toxic with high exposure. Can cause mental disorders and insanity. Most people get too much copper from copper water pipes and multivitamins.

Elements with radioactive isotopes:

Strontium: Radioactive isotopes of strontium can contaminate the landscape in the aftermath of a nuclear attack or nuclear disaster.

Cesium: The most deadly radioactive element in a nuclear disaster is cesium-137 with a half life of around 30 years. Cesium-137 falls on water supplies and contaminates drinking water.

Uranium: A byproduct of nuclear bombs and nuclear energy, uranium isotopes last millions of years and have contaminated the entire planet starting with the testing of atomic weapons in the 1940’s.

A few states actually have the least amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) (<50) and they are:  OREGON,  MAINE,  and SOUTH CAROLINA

The next three states have the most TDS (401 plus) and they are: NORTH DAKOTA, NEVADA, and ARIZONA

The following four states have TDS (301-400)  TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, INDIANA, and VERMONT.

The remaining states have TDS (051-300).

It is difficult to discern and expensive to discern what actual TDS are in your actual water supply so many people choose water filtration systems.  To measure TDS it is easy and can be done with the following device which run from $9.99 to $20.00.  Click on image below to get yours.


There is a lot of confusion with respect to water purification.  Every manufacturer claims that they are the best.  Many people rely on filtration through their refrigerator which are only as good as long as you change the filters consistently.  These are typically here: fridge                                                   Click on image above to get yours.

I decided to test my own water here in Southern California.  So using a TDS meter I found that my tap water TDS is 294 (lower than what is expected for my state).  I then decided to test the water dispensed from my refrigerator door which filter I change religiously. The TDS of that water is 204.  A significant improvement but definitely less than I was hoping for and a surprise to me.  All in all a disappointment.

I researched the top brands of water filtration pitchers  BRITA brita, PUR pur, and ZEROWATERzero .  After reading extensively I decided to go with the one that promised a TDS of  zero which I would be able to measure.

I decided that it made sense to filter the water that had already been filtered from my refrigerator since the amount of TDS (totally dissolved solids) would be less and extend the life of the replaceable filter in the pitcher that I purchased.  One pass through my new ZEROWATER pitcher and the TDS went from 204 to ZERO. ZeroWater filters can be quickly be “used up” if you try to filter high mineral content water through them such as well water. Because the ZeroWater ion exchange element binds with virtually ALL elements, its life will be reduced if you run high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water through it on a regular basis.

The decision rests with each of us.  I just figured that if I am going to shop organic and buy non-GMO fruit and vegetables I should also consider what I drink every day as part of the package.  You can shop here, and you can shop there, with the internet all of these items can be delivered to your door.  If you want to look more closely at your water then here’s the answer.    zero

                             Click on the image above to purchase at Amazon.com

To further clarify the following tests were sponsored by “Heavy Metals Defense“, the world’s only laboratory-validated dietary supplement for capturing and supporting elimination of heavy metals in your food.  WellnessinHealth.com is not affiliated with and receives no compensation for any of the following information from Heavy Metals Defense.  To learn more about “Heavy Metals Defense” visit them by clicking on the underlined link or their name here.

Actual results of the Brita water filter:

Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 33.9%

Copper reduction: 8.6%

Arsenic reduction: 12.1%

Strontium reduction: 3.6%

Cadmium reduction: 6.6%

Cesium reduction: 9.5%

Mercury reduction: 74.6%

Lead reduction: 14.1%

Uranium reduction: 10.0%

Actual results for the Pur water filter:

Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 46.8%

Copper reduction: 27.6%

Arsenic reduction: 19.8%

Strontium reduction: 15.4%

Cadmium reduction: 17.4%

Cesium reduction: 27.8%

Mercury reduction: 98.9%

Lead reduction: 34.9%

Uranium reduction: 31.5%

Actual results for the Mavea water filter:

Aluminum reduction: 8.1%

Copper reduction: 18.8%

Arsenic reduction: 18.6%

Strontium reduction: 2.4%

Cadmium reduction: 9.2%

Cesium reduction: 15.3%

Mercury reduction: 85.0%

Lead reduction: 23.4%

Uranium reduction: 22.7%

Actual results for the ZeroWater water filter:

The only drawback of ZeroWater filters is that they can quickly be “used up” if you try to filter high mineral content water through them such as well water. Because the ZeroWater ion exchange element binds with virtually ALL elements, its life will be reduced if you run high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water through it on a regular basis.

Aluminum reduction: 100%

Copper reduction: 99.1%

Arsenic reduction: 99.3%

Strontium reduction: 100%

Cadmium reduction: 99.2%

Cesium reduction: 100%

Mercury reduction: 99.4%

Lead reduction: 99.2%

Uranium reduction: 99.1%







Fed Up — Sugar in America

The film the food industry doesn’t want you to see.

GMO Effects, Does Genetic Modification Concern You?

(Click image for Video) If it does not, it should. If you have grandchildren, or want your friends and relatives, to live long healthy lives then it may be wise to learn about GMOs (genetic modification of organisms). This would include both plants (crops) and animals. 1996 was the first year that a GMO crop was introduced, thus allowing the spraying of the herbicide glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Round-Up. Roundup is a registered trademark of the Monsanto Corporation.

Please help us by responding to this poll. Thank you.

Weight Loss and Losing Weight

Nutrition vs Calories Matrix - Diet of the Best Foods

There are so many diets what works and motivates?  There are so many gimmicks about this berry or that that claim to be the answer.  It is pathetic.  The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  At IMS Supplements, Inc.  we receive telephone calls about this pill or that and people want the truth.  The truth is there is no magic bullet or pill when it comes to weight loss.  The only thing lighter after watching some program or advertisement is your pocket book.

The truth is that we are hungry due to all the empty calories that we are consuming in processed foods.  I never was one to recommend multi-vitamins but it appears despite alleged vitamin fortification in this and that in the grocery store we may be getting short changed when we are shopping in the produce section.  The vitamins and minerals in produce come from the soil.  When the soil is over farmed and simply replanted after every crop without rest the amount of nutrients become reduced.  More and more people are gravitating towards USDA organic products and non-GMO and this is obviously the best place to start.

After the first step you need motivation.  Well what motivates you?  For many of us it is as simple as looking in the mirror.  Next it is about education.  There are multiple ways to educate yourself.  The easiest is to search out video programming on the internet.  Even Netflix® has some great documentaries.  Well you may ask – what are they?

In no particular order of importance these are our recommendations: koverk  hungrykillratlrg farmagedfatsickKoverKextvegicatedengine2frankbeef

In addition the following video is excellent by Michael Moseley, MD

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD by limoslight

And your video education would not be complete without: The-world-according-to-monsant

It is important to note that we have no affiliation nor do we receive compensation for or from any of the video or books mentioned in this article.

These informational video documentaries should be enough to convince anybody that we are in a nutritional crisis in North America. Obesity and Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease are endangering the lives of a majority of Americans and Canadians.

Here are several more to motivate you to do something to change the inevitable sickness and ensuing death.

Super_Size_Me_Poster  fastfoodfoodmatters

So what are the solutions?  Well personally I have purchased and read the following books.  This is step two of the education and motivation.  I am not sure what will work for you individually but the point is begin.  Find the way that works for you.  And this is why I went out and purchased the following:

skinybast skinybitc drsdiet 21daytummy chinastudy Prevrevhrtd 5-2Diet

Through reading and education one must truly find a way that allows and encourages them to make changes that are healthy and that they can live with.  Part of this journey involves finding recipes and foods that you enjoy.  A few of my favorites are:

20140415_072522_resized engine2diet 2daywk

I’m on a journey and I hope you are too.  A healthy and happier one.  Oh I almost forgot. My best friend is an app (yes application) on my smart phone and tablet that allows me to track what I’m eating nutritionally and calorically.  It’s called “My Fitness Pal”  Check it out at: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

A Health Coach is another viable option for those seeking help.  A special program         ” The Secret to Losing Weight Once and For All ” Healthy Habits.

Check out: http://yourinfinitewellness.com/healthy-habits/ and sign up today!

Before you begin any weight loss or fitness program you should consult your health care provider to ensure that it is safe for you.


Longevity and Preventing Future Illness with TCM Cookbook

The secret to longevity and a long life has always interested both men and women.  More importantly if you are going to live a long life you want to be healthy.  It is a known fact that fast food, and processed foods have a tremendous negative impact on the health of North Americans.  Maybe it’s time to use our hindsight – they say that it’s like a 20/20 vision or eye score compared to the unknown. Never before has our food supply been so adulterated both chemically and genetically in the name of shelf-life and corporate profits.  We have a society that is over medicated with expensive pharmaceuticals and a majority of individuals struggle with obesity.  Maybe it’s time to look at cultures where this is not the norm.  A good friend of mine Mr. Raphael Gamon has set out to teach us in his new cookbook the answer to mastering TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) while satisfying our “tastes great” mindset by infusing it with French Cuisine.


Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book
Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book


“Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book”  - a TCM Cookbook to enhance your life.


 Celebrity chef Raphael Gamon’s world-first TCM cookbook is on the market! This fascinating, 164-page self-study reveals his trademark cooking by fusing two respected cultures: French Cuisine with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 Chef Raphael’s “Cooking with TCM” illustrates over 40 color graphics and hundreds of healthy, easy cooking methods. A simplified introduction, backed with modern scientific references, prepares everyone to understand 3000 years of collected wisdom and basic nutritional insights. This book is cleverly designed for anyone curious about medicinal power that can aid our well-being and promote longevity.

Chef Raphael’s “Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book” – is available via Amazon.com

TCM chef Raphael teaches a captivating, interactive day-seminar for any Spa Hotel, Culinary Schools or to privately organized groups (individuals) about TCM and the basics of immune boosting menu preparations. This is the link that distinguishes a cook from a Spa chef and a perfect presentation to understand food interaction for anyone in need of coping with life changing experiences.

“I teach young and old, hobby chefs and health workers about the effects of the daily food we consume. How combinations of artificial and natural choices alter our digestive system. Our longevity depends on boosting our immune system and correcting how we eat. We are affected by today’s toxic reality and we must adapt to a better understanding when combining food we consume. We are what we eat”, says TCM chef Raphael.

Raphael Gamon was born in 1963 in cosmopolitan San Francisco. This determined multi-lingual Swiss Culinary Academy graduate was hired in 1985 by Palais Royal as the Private Chef to the Culture Minister, Jacques Lange, which kick-started his long list of dignitaries and celebrated clients such as kings, politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Madonna and Industry moguls who enjoy nutritionally-balanced meals crafted by TCM chef Raphael.

Based in Los Angeles, after studying TCM in Singapore where he opened the first French cuisine/TCM fusion restaurant – this much sought-after specialist consultant in world-wide resort kitchens – is the brains and creator of the first TCM study book for anyone interested in learning the simple applications that can prevent future illness. “If only First Lady Michelle Obama would give me 15 minutes of her time…”

Celebrity chef Raphael Gamon is contributing editor for CIRCLE magazine, QIND online and featured in TIME magazine, NATURA and many health-style articles.

To learn more about his upcoming seminars visit his webpage: http://www.privatechef.com

Five Tips To Cleanse Your Life

It’s that time of year again where everywhere you look there’s a new cleanse or detox tempting you to clean up and clear out your system.  With so much conflicting information available, it’s difficult to decide which plan is right for you. 

The first thing to do is try something that resonates with you.  If you see something that gives you a tight feeling in your stomach or makes you a bit queasy, don’t do it.  No matter how good the latest guru says it is.  Tune in to your internal wisdom.  The term “gut feeling” isn’t just a cute saying.  Our guts provide validation for things that will and will not work for us.  And that applies to everything – not just food.

Now that you know you have an ally in the form of an internal GPS system, how do you go about choosing a detox?  Well for one thing, food isn’t the only option when it comes to cleaning up our bodies.  Good health starts when there’s balance in all the major areas of your life – nutrition, relationships, environment, finances and career. 

Here are 5 different types of detoxes to noodle over.  Pick one and try it.  If it works – great.  If not, try something else.

Wake-Up Drink. Drinking 1 to 2 cups of hot filtered or spring water with the juice of half a lemon upon rising is an ancient Ayurvedic practice.  You can also add two pinches of cayenne pepper if you like. The lemon stimulates your digestion and prepares your stomach for food.  Cayenne is known to enhance circulation and blood flow.  Both are known for detoxifying the liver.

Contrast Shower. Try your own at-home version of an old naturopathic hydrotherapy practice. When you take a hot shower, follow it by rinsing with cold water (60 seconds). The “contrast” stimulates circulation, your immune system and your ability to detox via your skin which is considered the biggest organ of your body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The blast of cold water will tighten your pores, and you’ll feel invigorated and ready to start your day.  This method really wakes you up on a cold winter morning!  Try it for a week or two.

Fever Baths. Add one cup of Epsom salts to your evening bath to soothe, relax, and detoxify your body. Increase the benefits of the bath by drinking 2 to 3 cups of hot tea while soaking to work up a sweat. Try this recipe: Simmer fresh ginger slices in water, and add in one tablespoon of dried yarrow flowers (used as a powerful healing herb to treat inflammation). Steep for 15 minutes, strain, and drink. Yarrow and ginger have been shown to stimulate sweating, which helps the body release toxins.

Spend Time in Nature. Take a break from your routine of being inside your home, office, or car, and venture out to your favorite place in nature or a new place you have always wanted to go. Bring a journal with you and start listening to your body. Record what it’s telling you or write down all the things that come into your head that have been bothering you.  When you return home, tear the pages into tiny shreds and recycle.  You’ll feel instantly uplifted.  Surrounding yourself with nature and all its negative ions (which act positively on your mood) will help you de-stress and tap into  the inherent wisdom of your body.

Detox Your Surroundings. De-cluttering and organizing your environment can help clear up stagnant energy and free you physically and emotionally. Let go of the mounds of paper, clothes, shoes and household items that you no longer use. This creates space and helps welcome in new energy.  Try cleaning up one room at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed.  You’ll love how it feels to walk into a space that’s physically and energetically cleared of clutter.

Cleansing your body and your environment is not only good for your health, it’s good for your soul.  You’ll have peace of mind, sleep more soundly, be more productive and your mood will improve.  And more importantly, as each of us becomes an example of good health and healthy habits, we can inspire others to make healthy choices to improve their lives.  Be well. 

Kathleen Ogar, CHC, Dipl. ABT, C.Hom. 

For more information visit: http://www.infinitehealthwellness.com/