Health and Wellness Coaching – Is it for You?

 Health Coach  by telephoneEarly in the 1990s health coaching began with psychologists treating persons with addictions.  Due to the success of these beginnings health, wellness and fitness coaching have become common and sought out by many individuals.  

The advantages of a health or wellness coach is often over looked and most individuals simply make a resolution that often ends in failure.  The advantage of a health coach is that it requires accountability and hence a motivation that few individuals can make with themselves.  The process of coaching is:

1. Establish a relationship – This relationship has borders that prevent emotional attachment which often can undermine success. 

2. Motivational Interview – This process involves the health coach exploring your internal motivating factors, core values and goals.  This is where the health coach discerns what motivates you and he or she will employ what is learned in this phase to motivate you to reach and exceed your goals. 

3. Wellness Vision – This is where you decide what it is you hope to achieve with respect to your health.

4. Goal Setting – This is formulated with you and your health coach to set attainable sub-goals and goals.  This ensures and prevents overall failure of goals that are not realistic.  Goals promote behavior change. A health coach helps the client progress and move through any negative self-talk, ambivalence, resistance and other hurdles.

With health and wellness coaching, you don’t have to go it alone. And your chance for success is more assured due to personal support, encouragement and the motivation you need to succeed.

How do you find a good health coach?   Often many people start with a visit to a health coach yet in today’s busy world something always comes up that somehow sabotages our health and wellness goals. So what should be most important is choosing a medium that does not interfere with your busy life.  Uniquely the healthcare provider Kaiser says it best:  ” Sometimes a lack of time, resources, or support can make it hard to live your healthiest. Wellness coaching by phone can help you eliminate those barriers, allowing you to make positive changes. 

Partner with a good coach today:

• Focus on healthy habits—Make healthy behavior changes to help you lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, get more active, or make healthier food choices.

• Create a customized plan—Work with your coach to outline manageable steps you can take to reach your goals. Little changes over time can help you achieve long-term success.

• Schedule convenient telephone sessions—Coaching takes place over the phone, so you can set up calls at times that work for you. 

Health coaches essentially partner with their clients to help them set and achieve specific, measurable goals.  They offer accountability, motivation and guidance.”

A great place to start is right here:  

Kathleen Ogar, CHC, Dipl. ABT, C.Hom.  617-678-4088

I have personally known Kathleen for over a decade.  In addition her credentials and qualifications speak for themselves.

Kathleen is a certified health counselor. Kathleen’s experience spans over a decade. 

The programs at Infinite Health & Wellness are designed to empower the client to achieve optimal health with a step by step plan personalized just for them. Kathleen loves coaching her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of denial.