Longevity and Preventing Future Illness with TCM Cookbook

The secret to longevity and a long life has always interested both men and women.  More importantly if you are going to live a long life you want to be healthy.  It is a known fact that fast food, and processed foods have a tremendous negative impact on the health of North Americans.  Maybe it’s time to use our hindsight – they say that it’s like a 20/20 vision or eye score compared to the unknown. Never before has our food supply been so adulterated both chemically and genetically in the name of shelf-life and corporate profits.  We have a society that is over medicated with expensive pharmaceuticals and a majority of individuals struggle with obesity.  Maybe it’s time to look at cultures where this is not the norm.  A good friend of mine Mr. Raphael Gamon has set out to teach us in his new cookbook the answer to mastering TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) while satisfying our “tastes great” mindset by infusing it with French Cuisine.


Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book
Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book


“Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book”  - a TCM Cookbook to enhance your life.


 Celebrity chef Raphael Gamon’s world-first TCM cookbook is on the market! This fascinating, 164-page self-study reveals his trademark cooking by fusing two respected cultures: French Cuisine with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 Chef Raphael’s “Cooking with TCM” illustrates over 40 color graphics and hundreds of healthy, easy cooking methods. A simplified introduction, backed with modern scientific references, prepares everyone to understand 3000 years of collected wisdom and basic nutritional insights. This book is cleverly designed for anyone curious about medicinal power that can aid our well-being and promote longevity.

Chef Raphael’s “Cooking with Traditional Chinese medicine – a self-study book” – is available via Amazon.com

TCM chef Raphael teaches a captivating, interactive day-seminar for any Spa Hotel, Culinary Schools or to privately organized groups (individuals) about TCM and the basics of immune boosting menu preparations. This is the link that distinguishes a cook from a Spa chef and a perfect presentation to understand food interaction for anyone in need of coping with life changing experiences.

“I teach young and old, hobby chefs and health workers about the effects of the daily food we consume. How combinations of artificial and natural choices alter our digestive system. Our longevity depends on boosting our immune system and correcting how we eat. We are affected by today’s toxic reality and we must adapt to a better understanding when combining food we consume. We are what we eat”, says TCM chef Raphael.

Raphael Gamon was born in 1963 in cosmopolitan San Francisco. This determined multi-lingual Swiss Culinary Academy graduate was hired in 1985 by Palais Royal as the Private Chef to the Culture Minister, Jacques Lange, which kick-started his long list of dignitaries and celebrated clients such as kings, politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Madonna and Industry moguls who enjoy nutritionally-balanced meals crafted by TCM chef Raphael.

Based in Los Angeles, after studying TCM in Singapore where he opened the first French cuisine/TCM fusion restaurant – this much sought-after specialist consultant in world-wide resort kitchens – is the brains and creator of the first TCM study book for anyone interested in learning the simple applications that can prevent future illness. “If only First Lady Michelle Obama would give me 15 minutes of her time…”

Celebrity chef Raphael Gamon is contributing editor for CIRCLE magazine, QIND online and featured in TIME magazine, NATURA and many health-style articles.

To learn more about his upcoming seminars visit his webpage: http://www.privatechef.com

Natural Ways To Prevent The Flu

wash hands

It’s that time of year again.  Dare I say it?  Winter is coming!  And with it, the dreaded cold and flu season.  Isn’t it crazy that something as annoying as a cold or the flu gets its own season?  Being bedridden with either is not something I want to contemplate.  So at this time of year, I run through my list of tried and true natural options for prevention.

But before I get to that, I wanted to mention my thoughts as a holistic practitioner on the flu shot.  There are lots of studies available that will tell you the strains contained in the current year’s flu shot are from previous years’ viruses.  What that means is it’s probably ineffectual against fighting off what’s coming this year.  The flu virus mutates rather quickly so it’s hard for manufacturers to keep abreast of it.

The good news is, Mother Nature has us covered.  Here are some simple tips and home remedies that will keep you healthy and get you back on track.

  • One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to wash your hands.  I read somewhere  that our hands touch our face over 100 times a day.  So you can see how easily germs are transferred. When washing your hands, due your due diligence.  Use lots of hot soapy water and be sure to wash long enough to wash away the germs.  How long?  Try washing to the tune of happy birthday.
  • Get eight or more hours of sleep each night.  Seems simple, but has amazing benefits.  Our bodies heal while we sleep, so getting enough rest is key to keeping illness at bay.
  • Try a homeopathic approach.  The remedy Arsenicum Album taken once a month will ward off colds and flu.  It can be taken in either dry dose (3 dry dissolved under the tongue) or in water (dissolve in water and take 1 teaspoon) once a month from October through April.  Oscillococcinum is another staple we keep in our house.  It relieves flu symptoms and shortens the duration of the illness.
  • Take a daily dose of Vitamin C throughout the season.  Five hundred milligrams a day if you’re feeling healthy or increase to 1000 milligrams if you start to feel a cold coming on.

If you’d like to learn more about how to stay  healthy naturally, please visit our website.  Be well.